Resident Locomotives

Prince Charles

"Prince Charles" is a 4-6-2 Pacific Locomotive built around 1950 by the late H. Barlow and is powered by a 4.1 Litre Perkins Diesel Engine located in the Tender. This in turn drives a 110 volt dynamo providing power to the Electric motor situated in the Loco and via a chain turns the centre wheels. This arrangement is called Diesel - Electric and we believe that there are another six of these Locos by the same designer remaining.

By far the stalwart of the SMR, this Loco is a firm favourite among our Drivers and Passengers alike and is regularly used for our normal day to day running as well as hauling our special charter trains.

George Outhwaite

This is a Diesel – Hydraulic, 0-4-0 Tank locomotive built for the Saltburn Miniature Railway Limited in 1994 by I.C.I apprentices.

Loco "George Outhwaite" was named after one of our former dedicated volunteers and the man himself actually unveiled his name at its inaugural ceremony. He was pleasantly surprised and delighted as this had been kept a secret from him!

This very useful and versatile Loco is used mainly for our maintenance crews and normally has two wagons attached, one for transporting materials and tools and the other, known as the "jolly" wagon, for taking work parties to job sites along our track.

It is occasionally used for hauling our passenger rolling stock on normal services however "George Outhwaite" really comes into its own at Christmas time as we use it on our Christmas specials and needless to say is very popular with the children.

Saltburn 150

This 4-6-2 Locomotive was built in 1975 by Artisair and based on a scale replica of 'Flying Scotsman' having been originally named as such. Motive power is provided by a 2.25 Litre Ford Transit Diesel Engine located in the Tender powering Hydraulic Transmission. It is therefore known as a Diesel - Hydraulic and power is transferred to a motor in the Loco which in turn drives the centre wheels.

We bought it from Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway and after several modifications carried out in our workshop we renamed it "Saltburn 150". This was in honour of the town's celebrations in 2011 when Saltburn celebrated a century and a half of existence.

This lovely looking Loco is used for hauling our passenger coaching stock and also our maintenance wagons on a regular basis and is another popular Loco here at the SMR.

Blacklock R

"Blacklock R" is an Atlantic Class 4-4-2 Steam Locomotive. This is the Saltburn Miniature Railway's only steam loco having arrived partly assembled as a non runner from Windmill Farm. It has a brand new Franklin and Bell 32 tube boiler and has an operating pressure of 150 Lbs PSI.

Our engineers took it apart and re - assembled it over a period of three years in our workshop and you may notice that it has "Walschaerts" valve gear.

"Blacklock R" was named after Reg Blacklock, another former volunteer, who was the prime mover in restoring the railway after it had laid dormant for several years. The Loco entered service in 2016 after its naming ceremony and is proving to be a popular addition to our fleet.

Inside The Cab
   Note the water gauge glasses, pressure gauge and fire hole door. 

Inside The Cab<div>   Note the water gauge glasses, pressure gauge and fire hole door. </div>

Past Visiting Locomotives to the Saltburn Miniature Railway.

Little Giant

'Little Giant', made it's first visit in August 1996 and made further annual Summer visits in subsequent years, last visiting in August 2000.


'Effie' has to date made 2 visits -:
Normally based at the Cleethorpes Light Railway she first visited the SMR to help to commemorate our 'Grand Re-opening Ceremony' during 17th August 2003 for that weekend only. 

Secondly throughout the peak of the Summer of 2009 hauling our trains mostly at weekends.


Built in 1970 by Wilhelm Van Der Heiden of Rotterdam, Holland this Loco worked in Holland until 1985 until it was sold to the 'Bush Mills Railway' in Tazmania.

When this railway was closed in 2004 it was purchased by a 'Mr Humpherys', of Richmond, England and was shipped to the UK along with some other rolling stock in June 2006. It is now based at 'Cleethorpes Coast Light Railway', Lincolnshire.

Synolda from Eskdale and Ravenglass was also present.

Sutton Belle on loan from Cleethorpes Coast Railway

Sutton Belle on loan from Cleethorpes Coast Railway