Tickets are available from both our ticket office and the Conductor on the train.
Adult Single (16 and above)
  • Allows 1 adult one way travel, between our 2 stations.
Child Single (5 - 16)
  • Allows 1 child one way travel, between our 2 stations.
Adult Return (16 and above)
  • Allows 1 adult to travel both ways, between stations.
Child Return (5 - 16)
  • Allows 1 child to travel both way, between stations.
Family Day Ticket
  • Allows 5 people, 6 single journeys (or 3 returns)
Free Tickets (Under 5's)
  • Dogs, prams and pushchairs. Sorry we have no room for bikes.

Terms and Conditions

Family Ticket.
This ticket may be used by upto 5 people (inclusive of adults, children and under 5's).
Children must be accompanied by an adult.
All group members must travel together.
Damaged / defaced or altered tickets, will be deemed void.
Sale and use of the ticket is subject to the published terms and conditions.
Ticket is non refundable, once started.

Facilities are provided, for wheelchair users to board and alight the train. There is a compartment aboard the train to hold an occupied wheelchair. Our volunteers are always on hand to give assistance if required. Our main station 'Cat Nab' is accessible to wheelchairs from the adjacent Car park.