Prices and Conditions

Ticket Information

Tickets are available from both our ticket office and the Conductor on the train.
Adult Single (16 and above)
  • Allows 1 adult one way travel, between our 2 stations.
Child Single (5 - 16)
  • Allows 1 child one way travel, between our 2 stations.
Adult Return (16 and above)
  • Allows 1 adult to travel both ways, between stations.
Child Return (5 - 16)
  • Allows 1 child to travel both way, between stations.
Family Day Ticket
  • Allows 5 people, 6 single journeys (or 3 returns)
Free Tickets (Under 5's)
  • Dogs, prams and pushchairs. Sorry we have no room for bikes.

Conditions of Travel

Carriage Safety

All passengers and their children must sit down on the seat provided in the carriage, and not attempt to lean out or to open the doors while the train is in motion. We strongly recommend holding on to small children at all times.

Carriages have a height restriction and all passengers must take care when entering and leaving the carriage.

Doors must not be opened while the train is in motion or when stopped between platforms unless instructed by the Guard who is the person in charge of the train. Do not attempt to leave the train until it has come to a complete stand at the platform.

Wheelchairs, Prams and Pushchairs

Modified compartments are available for these and passengers must satisfy themselves that they are suitable for use. Brakes must be applied if they are to remain occupied. SMR Ltd. volunteers are available to help any customer gain access to the train if required. Disabled passengers are advised to board the train at Cat Nab Station for ease of access to the platform.


Dogs are allowed on the train and should always be kept on a lead. We recommend holding on to the collar to prevent the pet from jumping out of the carriage.

Family Tickets

May be used up to 5 people travelling together including Adults, Children and under 5's.
Children must be accompanied by an Adult.
Damaged/defaced or altered tickets will be deemed void.
This ticket is not transferable or refundable if only partly used
Sale and use of the Ticket is subject to the published Conditions.

Steam Locomotives

These produce water vapour, smoke, soot, hot cinders and sparks which may be blown by the wind into carriages and on to people waiting on platforms.

Passengers wearing synthetic clothing materials are very susceptible to damage from cinders and sparks and are asked not to ride on the train. Everyone must stand away from the smoke plume and parents must keep their small children away from these locomotives as the products of combustion can cause physical damage.


In the unlikely event of an incident, passengers must follow the Guard's instructions.

By travelling on this Miniature Railway, you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions