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Our History

First Established

First established in 1947 by Mr.H.Dunn of Bishop Auckland. The original line was then only 300 Yards long. It started adjacent to the old Brine Baths Pump House, through a tunnel and along the 'flood plain' of the Skelton Beck.



Line improvements

In 1948 Dunn made improvements such as extending the line to the foot of the ramp from the sea front (A174) and installing a reversing loop around the former tennis courts, north and south of the half penny bridge.

Obtained a unique locomtive

In 1949 Dunn obtained a unique miniature locomotive, the 1909 "blacolvesley", a 4-4-4T, built by Bassett-Lowke of Northhampton, which was later renamed "Elizabeth".



Saltburn Miniature Railway Association was formed

Present Day


This year we have celebrated our 70th anniversary and we have come from being Saltburn Miniature Railway Association To being Saltburn Miniature Railway Ltd “and we continue to go from strength to strength”.